Amazon Announces a Card That’s Almost too Good to Be True

For Amazon Prime shoppers, life has just gotten a small cheaper. This morning, a online tradesman announced a partnership with Chase bank to recover a Prime Rewards Visa Card, a credit label that earnings a whopping 5% money behind on all Amazon purchases. 

The card, that is usually accessible to Prime subscribers, also gives 2% money behind during an infrequently specific brew of restaurants, gas stations and drug stores, and 1% money behind everywhere else. It will also discharge unfamiliar transaction fees, a undeveloped lease that banks continue to charge users each time they transport overseas.

The label works on a points system, so shoppers get 100 points for each dollar in percent-back rewards they earn. So, to take a suppositious $100 purchase, a cardholder would get:

  • 500 points for selling on Amazon,
  • 200 points for selling during a restaurant, gas hire or drug store, or
  • 100 points for selling anywhere else.

Cardholders can afterwards redeem 100 points for $1 in approach rewards, possibly deposited into their bank account, drawn down opposite their credit label change or spent on destiny Amazon shopping. They need a smallest 2,000-point change before those rewards flog in however.

In a final pull for that financial X factor, a Prime Card will also be done out of metal, fasten a ranks of such vehicles as a American Express Centurion, a Chase Sapphire Reserve and a Magnises in perplexing to demeanour and feel like a coolest thing in your wallet.

In fact, a Amazon Prime Rewards Card draws an engaging comparison with American Express, as it’s an surprising brew of sell label and high-end status vehicle. Like a customary sell card, a rewards essentially accumulate to shoppers during one specific store.

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