The age of Apple is over, says Peter Thiel

Technically Incorrect offers a somewhat disfigured take on a tech that’s taken over a lives.


Disruption has reached a top levels of government.

And sitting there, prepared to suffer a fruits, is a entertainingly disruptive VC and Facebook house member, Peter Thiel.

A believer of Donald Trump, Thiel is increasingly rising into a light. In a new talk with The New York Times, he creates all kinds of fascinating observations about life, a star and everything.

I’ll come to those in a moment. Maureen Dowd, however, also subjected him to an engaging “Confirm Or Deny” QA, that will no doubt pierce many Apple fanpersons — some to collect adult cudgels or even spot their Facebook pages.

Dowd asked Thiel to endorse or repudiate that a age of Apple is over.

“Confirm. We know what a smartphone looks like and does. It’s not a error of Tim Cook, yet it’s not an area where there will be any some-more innovation,” replied Thiel.

It’s joyless to suppose that a iPhone was as good as it got. Stare during an Apple Watch for a few seconds, however, or during someone trying to answer a call on one, and you’ll see his point.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a ask for comment.

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There have been many grumblings that Apple seems unable to lift spirits a approach it once used to. Apple, though, wasn’t a usually association to suffer Thiel’s dim thoughts.

Asked either Google had too most energy in a Obama administration, Thiel offered: “Confirm. Google had some-more energy underneath Obama than Exxon had underneath Bush 43.”

Some competence select to chuckle, on a other hand, when this Facebook house member reliable that people should trust Facebook. You see, he added: “Although, guileless in what way? There are a laughable series of misled swindling theories about Facebook.” Some fit ones too, though, surely.

I’d rather suspicion swindling theories are in practice currently. As is a idea that California should secede, that Thiel pronounced he supported.

The categorical talk with Dowd trod informed ground, yet offering a possess highlights too. Some featured Thiel’s gusto for observant a conflicting of a perceived wisdom, only to see if it competence be correct too.

He pronounced that any pierce to reject him from Facebook’s house after his support for Trump was suggested was “kind of crazy.” After all, he said, he’s a second-longest portion house member. Well, of course. Kind of crazy.

Asked about either Trump was identical to Tesla CEO Elon Musk — with whom Thiel was once a member of a supposed PayPal Mafia, he replied: “I’m going to get in trouble, yet they are, actually. They’re both grandmaster-level salespeople and these really most larger-than-life figures.”

And so we contingency interpretation that Tim Cook might not be a grandmaster-level salesperson, yet Trump and Musk are.

In a few years’ time, will Thiel’s prevision be grandmaster-level? Or are we now witnessing another small Grandmaster Flash-In-The-Pan?

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