‘WannaCry’ ransomware shares formula with Sony hack, lifting probability of North Korea connection

Cybersecurity researchers pronounced Monday that a vast “WannaCry” pathogen that has putrescent computers around a origination was grown regulating some of a same formula used in a 2014 penetrate of Sony Pictures, lifting a probability that a hackers competence have a tie to North Korea.

Investigators pronounced they had rescued formula identical to that used by a murky cybercrime network concerned in a Sony attack, a Lazarus Group, yet they stressed that some-more review was necessary.

“We trust this competence reason a pivotal to solve some of a mysteries around this attack,” a Moscow-based cybersecurity organisation Kaspersky Labs pronounced in an research of a few lines of repetitious formula found in an progressing chronicle of a WannaCry virus, that was initial beheld by a Google confidence researcher.

An general manhunt was underway as private-sector researchers and supervision investigators comparison attempted to stamp out new versions of WannaCry while scouring for clues indicating to a authors of a strange virus, who are “potentially criminals or unfamiliar nation-states,” pronounced Tom Bossert, President Trump’s homeland confidence advisor.

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