The 12 biggest announcements from Google I/O 2017

There’s no doubt that a opening keynote during a annual Google I/O developers discussion is one of a many action-packed events any year for Google fans. The association runs by all of a sparkling new products it skeleton to recover in a short-term future, and it also covers copiousness of improvements and new facilities attack existent Google products. Hardware and program was both lonesome during a Google I/O 2017 keynote, as we expected, and there are so many sparkling things Google executives discussed on theatre during a event.

The Google I/O keynote covers so many in such a brief volume of time, that it’s always good to have a elementary roundup of all of a day’s biggest and many critical announcements. That’s accurately what you’ll find in this post, that is your one-stop emporium for info on all Google lonesome on theatre on Wednesday.

Smart Reply in Gmail

Google’s appurtenance training complement analyzes a essence of an email in a Android or iOS Gmail app, and it suggests some discerning and elementary replies to an email. This is identical to what smartphones do with content messages. Learn some-more right here.

Google Lens

A set of vision-based computing capabilities that can see what you’re looking during and offer information about a object. For example, we can indicate your phone camera during a flower and Google Lens will tell we what kind of flower it is. Even some-more impressively, we can indicate a tag on a Wi-Fi router and bond to a network instantly! Check out our post on Google Lens for some-more info.

Find My Device app

Google’s answer to Apple’s Find My iPhone app has gotten a new name and a large pattern overhaul. Check out all a sum in this post.

Google Assistant

Google is creation outrageous updates to Google Assistant. First and foremost, Google is adding a ability to form to a Assistant on your phone. This competence seem like a step backwards, though it’s apparently going to come in accessible when you’re in public.

Google Assistant will also tie into Google Lens, so we can make conversational requests to Assistant about things we see. For example, we can indicate a camera during a plate on a menu, and afterwards ask Assistant what it looks like though ever fixing a dish. Assistant will afterwards lapse photos of a plate regulating a Google picture search.

Actions on Google is Google’s third-party developer toolkit that allows developers to confederate Google Assistant support into their services. This underline used to be singular to Google Home, though now it’s accessible on Android and iOS devices.

Google Assistant on a iPhone

Assistant is also entrance to a iPhone for a initial time. Google Assistant will be baked right into the normal Google app on iOS.

Google Home

Proactive partner support is finally entrance to Google Home. This means a Google Home will light adult and get your courtesy to broach information though a user carrying to ask it. For example, a Home will light adult if we have an arriving assembly and it’s time to leave.

The second large addition is hands-free calling. Just ask Google Home to make a call, and a orator will place a call. Calls within a US are also totally free, that is a good perk.

Spotify’s giveaway use will now be upheld on a Google Home for a initial time (only paid subscriptions were upheld previously). Soundcloud and Deezer support is entrance as well, and all models will shortly be refurbish with support for Bluetooth audio streaming from any device.

Finally, Google is adding support for visible responses on Google Home. Home doesn’t have a screen, of course, though it will bond to other inclination with screens — an Android phone, a Chromecast, or even and iPhone. For example, we can ask your Google Home for directions to a destination, and Home can send those directions to your phone and open Google Maps.

For some-more details, check out our additional coverage of Google Home.

Google Photos

Google is adding 3 new facilities to Google Photos. The initial is Suggested Sharing, that will use appurtenance training to remind we to share photos with people who seem in them. For example, if we take a organisation shot with 5 people, Google Photos will after cocktail adult a sign suggesting that we share a pic with any of a 5 people who appears in a photo.

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As an prolongation of Google Photos’ new pity feature, other people who take photos as a same eventuality as we will be means to share endorsed photos to a organisation manuscript that all enclosed users can access.

Shared libraries is another new underline that will let we configure your phone so that it will share any images we constraint of a certain person. So for example, all photos we take of your children can automatically be common with your father or wife.

These new facilities will hurl out to iOS, Android and a web in a entrance weeks.

One final underline Google is adding to Google Photos is Photo Books, that uses appurtenance learnings to assistance accumulate print albums that can afterwards be printed in a earthy soothing cover or hardcover book that’s shipped to your doorway in usually a few days. Google’s Photo Books product launches now on a web, and any book costs $9.99.


Google had copiousness to contend about YouTube, though a star of a uncover is a arriving attainment of 360-degree YouTube video support in a YouTube intelligent TV app.  Using your TV’s customary remote, you’ll be means to vessel around 360-degree videos on a large screen. This will also extends to live events, that can tide in 360-degree video directly to your TV by a YouTube app.

Android O

Google initial expelled an Android O developer preview in March, and on Wednesday we schooled about new facilities that will be combined to Android O before it’s expelled after this summer. Here are some highlights:

Picture-in-picture support will concede Android phone users to cringe a video into a dilemma of a shade and use a phone while a video continues to play. Of course, this underline isn’t singular to videos.

Notifications are also being extended in Android O. Notification Dots are fundamentally little discuss heads for notifications — a long-tap on a Notification Dot will open adult a preview of a notification, that can afterwards be swiped to dismiss, dragged down to see a rest of a notification, or tapped to open a suitable app. There’s also a new auto-fill underline in Android O that will work opposite third-party apps, creation things like logins many easier. Then there’s Smart Text Selection, that creates selecting difference and phrases many easier. Google is regulating on-device appurtenance training to concede singular taps to name prolonged phrases as appropriate, such as addresses.

Android O will also embody enhancements in to what Google calls Vitals.

Google Play Protect is a initial new underline announced in a Vitals category, and it’s a pathogen checker of sorts that scans apps to safeguard there’s no questionable or antagonistic code. Android O will also speed things adult dramatically regulating facilities like “wise limits,” that stop apps from regulating too many resources and removal too many batteries.

Play Console Dashboards for developers analyzes third-party apps for issues that competence means extreme apparatus expenditure or battery drain. The apparatus can also assistance developers overcome those issues as they build their apps. Support for a programming denunciation Kotlin has also been combined to Android in Android O.

A new Android O beta is accessible for download today, and we can learn some-more in this post.

Android Go

Android Go is radically a new iteration of a company’s aged Android One initiative. It will offer a lighter-weight chronicle of Android O and destiny Android builds, and it will facilitate lighter-weight apps. This will concede device makers to build cheaper phones with reduction costly components that will still be means to offer a discerning and well-spoken Android experience.

VR and AR

Google announced Daydream final year to assistance vendors move a high-quality practical existence knowledge to mobile devices. On Wednesday, Google announced that Daydream support is entrance to LG’s subsequent flagship phone, as good as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ in an arriving update. But what about what’s next?

Google announced a further of a standalone Daydream VR headset spec. This will concede vendors to build mobile VR headsets that do not need a smartphone to run. They’ll have no wires, and they will not need to be connected to a PC. HTC Vive and Lenovo are both now operative with Google to build and launch standalone Daydream headsets after this year.

Where protracted existence is concerned, Google announced a Visual Positioning Service (VPS, like GPS) that will capacitate next-generation AR practice and indoor guidance. For example, VPS can beam we by a store to a accurate product we came to purchase. Google is also adding AR facilities to Expeditions, it’s preparation product that allows students to suffer interactive training practice in a classroom.

Google for Jobs

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Google for Jobs is Google’s apartment of products that will assistance people find jobs, and will assistance employers find a best candidates. Everything from sell jobs to c-suite executive roles can now be searched right in a Google hunt box, and a card-based interface will arrangement accessible jobs though ever carrying to leave Google. Results are extended in a series of ways; for example, a pursuit formula for a hunt will uncover a trailblazer invert times from his or her home.

Google for Jobs will hurl out in a entrance weeks, and it will be accessible primarily usually in a US.

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