Everything we know about Google’s arriving smartphone, a Pixel 2

pixel 2 android policeAndroid Police

Google only launched a back-to-school graduation for a strange Pixel smartphones, and we can get a pretty decent discount on a strange cost of Google’s initial dual Pixel phones.

While that’s a good deal, we competence wish to reason off — we could be awaiting a Pixel’s inheritor within a subsequent few months. If we wish a latest and biggest during all times, we might wish to wait a small while, generally if Google’s Pixel discounts aren’t as high as we hoped.

Overall, it looks like we can pattern some decent improvements in a Pixel 2 over a strange Pixel, including in a camera and design. We’re also awaiting Google to fill some gaps in features, like H2O resistance, in a Pixel 2.

There’s also maybe some bad news, during slightest for some. It’s looking some-more and some-more like a Pixel 2 smartphones won’t come with a headphone jack.

Check out all we know about Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphones:

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