Huge ‘No Man’s Sky’ refurbish adds a new story, new worlds and a initial traces of multiplayer

In jubilee of a one-year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, developer Hello Games has only expelled a many estimable refurbish that a diversion has ever seen. If you’ve been looking for a reason to burst behind into a argumentative star simulator, there are about a dozen in a new Altas Rises update.

First and foremost, Atlas Rises (Update 1.3) introduces a code new executive storyline to a game, that includes a new query system, a new competition of interdimensional beings and 30 hours of story content. One of a biggest disappointments regarding No Man’s Sky during launch was a miss of a cohesive, constrained story, though Hello Games is looking to redress that misstep a year later.

In further to a new story, Atlas Rises also improves navigation between planets and systems, increases a accumulation of heavenly biomes, adds giant, crashed freighters to world surfaces, introduces a new goal system, adds abyss to a trade system, upgrades the Analysis Visor, overhauls a UI and opens adult turf modifying with a Multi-Tool. And that’s still not everything. The refurbish also creates a diversion demeanour better, that we can see in a video below:

Believe it or not, we’re still not done. On tip of all listed above, a refurbish also unlocks ancient portals that can be used to fast burst between planets and bases, improves space combat, adds a ability to journey above a aspect of a world in low moody and, maybe many importantly, gives players a ability to accommodate and correlate with any other in-game for a initial time.

“Visualised by strange floating orbs, adult to 16 players can see and promulgate with one another, and explore the star together,” Hello Games explains on a website. While communication is limited, players who run into one another will be means to promulgate via proximity based voice chat. Hello Games says that this is an critical initial step, so design combined functionality in a future.

Incredibly, that still doesn’t cover all in a Atlas Rises update, so be certain to head over to a No Man’s Sky website if we wish to know more. Also, a refurbish has begun rolling out, so be certain to check for an refurbish on whichever height we play No Man’s Sky on to start downloading.

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