Catalan referendum: Region’s autonomy ‘in matter of days’

Media captionCarles Puigdemont spoke to a BBC on Tuesday evening

Catalonia will announce liberty from Spain in a matter of days, a personality of a unconstrained segment has told a BBC.

In his initial talk given Sunday’s referendum, Carles Puigdemont pronounced his supervision would “act during a finish of this week or a commencement of next”.

Meanwhile, Spain’s King Felipe VI pronounced organisers of a opinion put themselves “outside a law”.

He pronounced a conditions in Spain was “extremely serious”, job for unity.

Hundreds of thousands of people opposite Catalonia have been protesting over Spanish military assault during a vote, during that scarcely 900 people were hurt.

During a vote, 33 military officers were also injured, inner medical officials said.

Media captionKing Felipe VI: “Catalan multitude is fractured”

In a BBC interview, Catalonia’s President Carles Puigdemont pronounced his supervision would “act during a finish of this week or a commencement of next”.

When asked what he would do if a Spanish supervision were to meddle and take control of Catalonia’s government, Mr Puigdemont pronounced it would be “an blunder that changes everything”.

Media captionClare and Kike conflict to a Spanish king’s address

Mr Puigdemont pronounced there was now no hit between a supervision in Madrid and his devolved administration.

He disagreed with a European Commission’s matter on Monday that events in Catalonia were an inner emanate for Spain.

He was vocalization shortly before a king’s speech.

In his televised residence to a nation, a aristocrat pronounced a Catalan leaders who organized a referendum showed their “disrespect to a powers of a state”.

“They have damaged a approved beliefs of a order of law.

“Today, a Catalan multitude is fractured,” a aristocrat said, warning that a check could put during risk a economy of a rich north-eastern segment and a whole of Spain.

But he stressed that Spain “will overcome formidable times”.

The executive supervision has described a referendum as illegal.

What a aristocrat didn’t say

Patrick Jackson, BBC News, Barcelona

When a debate ended, business in this city centre bar thumped tables and whistled contemptuously, thereafter fast resumed normal review – King Felipe might as good have not spoken.

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AFP/Getty Images

Image caption

King Felipe VI residence a nation, propelling unity

It was a things he wanting that rankled – no difference about those intolerable scenes of military assault electorate on Sunday, no obligatory interest for discourse between a Spanish and Catalan governments, no acknowledgment of a genuine craving here for liberty or during slightest a proper, authorised referendum, not even a word or dual of Catalan.

Instead, he voiced a position of a government, echoing a organisation antithesis to a vote, observant Catalan leaders had positioned themselves outward a law. He guaranteed “democratic coexistence” on Spanish terms only.

It was a missed event to pull a dual sides towards dialogue, one patron told me afterwards.

“It doesn’t assistance a conditions during all,” pronounced another. “I was not awaiting him to meddle during all, actually, though he should during slightest have mentioned a assault here dual days ago.”

Huge criticism rallies have been holding place opposite Catalonia.

In Barcelona alone, 700,000 people took to a streets, city military were quoted as observant by a AFP news agency.

This has not been reliable by a authorities in Madrid.

Media captionFirefighters assimilated a crowds in a day of daring protests

More than 50 roadblocks in a city caused large trade jams. Barcelona’s metro trade was cut to a 25% use during rush hour and no trains during all during other times.

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Barcelona’s pier was during a standstill, trade kinship sources said.

Top traveller attractions were also closed, including a city’s famous Sagrada Familia church.

Mercabarna – Barcelona’s large indiscriminate marketplace – was left forlorn as some 770 food businesses sealed for a day.

However, a city’s El Prat airfield and a taxis are handling normally.

Many tiny businesses have close for a day. Schools, universities and medical services were also sealed or handling during a smallest level.

Image copyright

Image caption

A roadblock on Gran Via in executive Barcelona: The ensign says “Occupation army get out!”

The strike was called in criticism during “the grave defilement of rights and freedoms” seen during a ballot.

Some military officers were seen banishment rubber bullets, attack into polling stations and pulling women by their hair.

  • Why Catalan emotions are regulating high

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has pronounced a opinion done a “mockery” of democracy.

Media captionProtesting Catalan tyro Mauro Castro Soler

Earlier on Tuesday, Spanish Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido said: “We see how day after day a supervision of Catalonia is pulling a race to a abyss and inciting rebellion in a streets.”

He also warned that a executive supervision would take “all measures required to stop acts of harassment”.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría cursed a “mafia” poise of those protesters who had progressing collected around hotels housing Spanish military officers and demanded that they leave.

On Sunday, some-more than 2.2 million people reportedly voted in a referendum. The Catalan supervision says a opinion in support of liberty was scarcely 90%, though central formula have not nonetheless been released.

Turnout was comparatively low during a reported 42%, potentially weakening a position of Mr Puigdemont.

Image copyright

Image caption

Protesters blocked a travel outward a military hire in Barcelona

Image copyright

Image caption

Barcelona metro: A pointer warns commuters that there will be smallest services

Image copyright

Image caption

A outrageous Barcelona indiscriminate marketplace – Mercabarna – is paralysed by a strike

Meanwhile, domestic leaders are perplexing to find a approach forward.

Mr Puigdemont progressing pronounced he wanted a new bargain with a supervision in Madrid, though a Spanish supervision has warned it could postpone liberty of a region.

Given a pell-mell inlet of a vote, a audience and voting total should be taken with a splash of salt, says a BBC’s Tom Burridge in Barcelona.

Media captionRiot military were seen regulating batons and kicking people to retard voting

Mr Rajoy reason talks with Pedro Sánchez, personality of Spain’s categorical antithesis Socialist party, as good as Albert Rivera, a conduct of a centrist Ciudadanos party, late on Monday.

While a Socialist personality urged Mr Rajoy to reason talks with a Catalan boss immediately, Mr Rivera pronounced Spain should plead essay 155 of a constitution, in outcome suspending Catalonia’s unconstrained powers.

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