Tesla is struggling to build a Model 3 — here’s why

Tesla Model 3The Tesla Model 3.Timothy Artman/Tesla

Tesla’s third-quarter smoothness numbers were both considerable — and depressing. The carmaker is on gait to sell 100,000 vehicles in a year for a initial time in a 14-year history. But it’s also far, far behind with a prolongation of a new Model 3 sedan, a automobile that’s ostensible to move Tesla to a masses and spell a commencement of a finish for gas-powered cars.

Tesla pronounced that it would furnish 1,500 Model 3s in September; it has managed fewer than 300 given a automobile was launched in July.

Getting to 20,000 in monthly prolongation by Dec now seems like a destroyed expectation, as does CEO Elon Musk’s prophecy that Tesla will be production 500,000 vehicles annually by a finish of 2018.

This means that a half-million pre-orders for a Model 3 could go emptied for several years, putting a outrageous series of $1,000 refundable deposits for any new automobile in doubt. That hazard is real, though a markets are unconcerned. Tesla batch is still adult 65% in 2017 and a code has mislaid nothing of a enthralling aura.

But it’s also apparent that for a carmaker that’s been around as prolonged as Tesla shouldbe good at, Tesla isn’t: building vehicles.

So because is Tesla struggling to build a Model 3 on a possess admittedly desirous schedule? There are 5 categorical reasons:

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