Equifax says formula on the website ‘was portion antagonistic content’

Equifax Inc. took partial of a website offline Thursday after formula on a site redirected users to a antagonistic URL propelling them to download malware.

Also Thursday, a tip Republican congressman introduced a check that would stop credit stating companies such as Equifax from regulating Social Security numbers to establish Americans’ identities.

The moves come a month after Equifax suggested that a information moment unprotected a Social Security numbers and birthdates of as many as 145.5 million Americans. That penetrate took place after Equifax unsuccessful for several months to repair a program smirch that sovereign officials had warned about in March.

Late Wednesday night, eccentric confidence researcher Randy Abrams pronounced in a blog post that while he was perplexing to download his credit news from a Equifax site, he clicked a couple that kicked him to a third-party website with “one of a entire feign Flash Player Update screens.” His post was initial reported by record news site Ars Technica.

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