Capcom announces new Mega Man diversion in 2017…grab your Time Stopper

Here’s a demeanour during a style

After dropping a news that Mega Man X1-8 was entrance to all vital platforms (including Switch), Capcom showed off a vignette that reminded us of Mega Man’s past, saying that it would give us a idea as to where his “future” would go. Future merch? No, a new game!

Like the X Collection it’s entrance to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s slated for late 2018, and “more info” will be given out subsequent summer. The usually genuine fact we have now is that Mega Man’s armor will change with a versed arms — a thing we unequivocally puncture as it’s kind of like a multiple of a X series armor upgrades and a strange mainline array sensibility. Beat, Eddie, Rush, Roll, and many other classical enemies like Sniper Joe are also reliable to lapse — plus, given his similarity to one of a new arms types, this Easter egg during a finish of a stream could be a Robot Master confirmation.

Well I’ll be, this outdoes a “Mega Man Killer” Mighty No. 9 visually, and we have to give it to Capcom — a one dual punch of a proven X series and a amour of a initial new Mega Man game given 2010 done this tide value watching.

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