McDonald’s dollar menu deputy fuels attention cost war

The fast-food cost fight is about to get even some-more intense.

McDonald’s Corp., a world’s largest grill chain, denounced a new value-priced menu on Monday, aiming to keep a lead in an courtesy that’s increasingly racing for a bottom. The lineup, set to go live on Jan. 4, includes equipment such as duck tenders, Happy Meals, sodas, triple cheeseburgers and a Egg McMuffin.

With visits to U.S. fast-food restaurants seen remaining prosaic subsequent year, a vital bondage are jockeying for position and announcing discounts to keep diners’ attention. Taco Bell, a Mexican-themed sequence owned by Yum Brands, is responding with what it calls a “biggest value pull in association history.”

McDonald’s to launch a new Dollar Menu subsequent month in ‘value wars 2.0′ »

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