‘Curse Of Osiris’ Locks Vanilla Players Out Of ‘Destiny 2′ Activities

Credit: Bungie/Activision

So many for Bungie perplexing to hoard a good will of a community.

In nonetheless another fail for Bungie and Activision, a recently released Curse of Osiris DLC thatch players who haven’t purchased a new calm out of some of a game’s simple activities.

Prior to the DLC’s recover these activities were accessible for everyone; post-launch a new turn top means players yet a mini-expansion are left out in a cold.

The ‘Prestige’ versions of a Leviathan Raid and Nightfall Strike were formerly accessible to all players, yet now that a light turn top has been lifted for a DLC, usually Osiris-purchasers can entrance this content. While anyone can still play a normal versions of a raid and strike, vanilla players are sealed out versions they could access mere days ago. This also means that any vanilla actor who hasn’t finished these won’t be means to clear a compared PS4 Trophy or Xbox Live Achievement, statute out a Platinum prize for a diversion (unless we buy a expansion/season pass.) The Heroic Strike playlist is also sealed behind a expansion—at slightest for now.

Meanwhile, critics and gamers haven’t accurately been singing a Osiris DLC’s praises. By all accounts it’s too tiny and sincerely muted in annoy of some peculiarity of life improvements (though many of those land subsequent week.) I’ve enjoyed aspects of a DLC, yet it feels flattering half-baked. we found myself wearied sincerely fast in a debate and switched over to PvP where we found myself angry that a initial few maps that came adult in a Crucible playlist finished adult being vanilla maps, so we wasn’t even means to try out a new Osiris maps on my initial go. The debate is excellent yet even some-more foolish than usual, and we gave adult perplexing to figure out what all a sorcery sci-fi mumbo jumbo was ostensible to meant roughly instantly. More than anything, we usually have a unequivocally tough time caring about any of a new content.

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That vanilla players are being sealed out of bottom diversion calm (even usually a splinter of that content) usually creates matters worse.

So many for regulating a initial enlargement to provoke some-more good will between a village and a developers. More than anything, Curse of Osiris represents a missed opportunity.

I usually wish to know, when did Bungie change? When did a dear developer of Halo start churning out DLC that’s this repeated and uninspired? When did they start locking out profitable business from calm they already owned usually since they didn’t compensate even more?

It’s all utterly mystifying, to be honest. There’s usually no reason to hoop all of this so poorly, generally when both Bungie and Activision are attention veterans. Not to discuss a fact that this is Destiny 2, a sequel, that ought to be means to equivocate these shenanigans and mishaps from a get-go.

Hopefully subsequent week’s updates will be a light in a darkness. For now, though, judging by a mood of a village on forums and amicable media, Destiny 2 could unequivocally use another Star Wars: Battlefront 2 sized daze during this point.

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