Tense Gambia awaits coronation of new president

Banjul (Gambia) (AFP) – Gambian president-elect Adama Barrow was to be sworn in Thursday during a country’s embassy in Senegal, as African infantry massed during a limit to force obligatory Yahya Jammeh to quit after his choosing defeat.

The United Nations Security Council was to opinion after Thursday on endorsing a west African infantry involvement as Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana dispatched hundreds of infantry and warrior jets to The Gambia’s limit with Senegal.

Shops were shuttered and streets still in and around a collateral Banjul with debate operators evacuating hundreds of tourists from a little country’s renouned beach resorts.

The army arch however has insisted his soldiers would not get concerned in a “political dispute” nor forestall unfamiliar army from entering a west African nation.

Barrow, a real-estate representative incited politician who won a presidential opinion on Dec 1, flew to Senegal on Jan 15 after weeks of rising tragedy over Jammeh’s solid refusal to step down.

At a helm of a former British cluster for 22 years, Jammeh’s charge lapsed during midnight (0000 GMT) with no pointer of him stepping down.

He has attempted instead to retard Barrow’s coronation with a justice statute and by dogmatic a state of emergency.

- Inauguration to go forward -

But Barrow’s orator Halifa Sallah told AFP that a coronation would go ahead. “It is going to take place during a Gambian embassy in Dakar … during 4:00 pm (1600 GMT),” he said.

Jammeh primarily concurred Barrow as a hero in Dec elections, though after deserted a result, this week dogmatic a inhabitant state of emergency.

Speaking to AFP by phone, comparison bloc central Isatou Touray welcomed a stipulation by army arch Ousman Badjie that his infantry would not forestall Jammeh’s dismissal by force.

“That’s a really certain opinion from him, given that Jammeh’s regime is done,” Touray said.

“We don’t have to risk a lives of trusting citizens.”

In remarks during a hotel grill late Wednesday, Badjie pronounced he desired his group and wouldn’t risk their lives in a “stupid fight,” eyewitnesses said.

- ‘Really scary’

Arriving behind during Manchester airfield in northern England, several passengers could be seen comforting a Gambian inhabitant and UK proprietor who had attempted unsuccessfully to get his family out.

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Speaking to AFP, Ebrima Jajne described a conditions as “really frightful for everybody… since this boss (Jammeh) doesn’t wish to step down and people are fleeing.”

Tourist Ralph Newton pronounced internal residents had finished what they could to encourage visitors, notwithstanding a hazard to themselves.

“All a locals were only disturbed … They pronounced it’s a bad time for us though you’ll be all right… It’ll be us they come for, if they come for anybody.”

And Sara Wilkins, another tourist, pronounced they had struggled to get transparent information on a building situation.

“We weren’t told anything… we kept phoning Thomas Cook and they only like … don’t worry about it,” she told AFP.

“I rang Thomas Cook again this morning and they pronounced container your bags, you’ve got to go.”

Despite a rave along a border, an army source told AFP Senegalese infantry were “not yet” benefaction on Gambian soil.

- Eyes on limit -

After 11th-hour talks in Banjul, Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz flew on to Dakar where he met Barrow for talks during that Senegal’s President Macky Sall was also present, a private RFM radio hire reported.

It was not transparent either a Mauritanian personality had cumulative a understanding or done an haven offer to Jammeh.

The last-minute involvement came after several catastrophic attempts during tact by a 15-nation Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS).

Mauritania is not partial of ECOWAS and diplomats have formerly reached out to a regressive dried republic in hopes of brokering a understanding with Jammeh.

ECOWAS heads a informal force massing on Gambian-Senegalese border.

Speaking to AFP during a World Economic Forum in Davos, Amnesty International arch Salil Shetty hailed ECOWAS efforts to solve a crisis.

“ECOWAS has stood up, and they don’t always do that, he said.

“It’s an critical summary to Jammeh, both from a people of The Gambia, a people of Africa, and from beside states, that it’s not business as common anymore.”

Theresa May reaction: What did Davos representatives make of a speech?

Media captionTheresa May: Some companies play by a opposite set of rules

At a World Economic Forum in Davos, UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s debate has been given tip billing.

She’s in a executive gymnasium – a largest space accessible – to accommodate a hundreds of people unfortunate to reap any serve sum on how she’s going to conduct a UK’s EU exit.

And of march hear how accurately she’s going to assistance slight a inequality, that has been blamed for pushing a flourishing annoy during a stream domestic elite.

But, a aides in a discussion centre during Davos do not seem to have even listened of her.

“You wish a tourism desk?,” they ask, indicating to a room during a finish of a corridor.

No, we say, Theresa May. “Theresa May?” they ask surprised.

The UK primary apportion we explain. “Ahh a tellurian leader?,” they ask, and indicate a way.

May: UK will lead universe on giveaway trade

UK will stay ‘financial lungs’ of Europe

Lagarde warns UK of Brexit pain ahead

Davos coverage in full

Perhaps it’s not so surprising. Global leaders are 10 a penny here – there’s around 50 heads of state and supervision in Davos – and Donald Trump’s quick coming presidency, rather than Brexit, is a concentration of most of a discussions.

Nonetheless by a time Mrs May takes a theatre it’s station room usually in a outrageous room.

‘A good speech’

And altogether her message, that a UK will disciple for expansion in giveaway markets and giveaway trade – that she claims will urge life for everybody – appears to have been definitely received.

It’s not accurately a station acclaim during a end, though a acclaim is solid, if not prolonged.

Wojciech Kostrzewa, arch executive of Polish media hulk ITI Group, declares it “a really good speech”.

“She done a transparent joining to giveaway trade and globalisation. It was a really transparent matter concerning all those who have been left behind,” he said.

But does he consider a UK’s imminent EU exit will relieve a ability to grasp this? Mr Kostrzewa is sanguine: “Europe still needs a UK,” he says.

Image caption

Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat says Theresa May’s debate was “positive”

Yufen Shi from Boston, now on maternity leave, says she concluded with Mrs May’s oath to make certain globalisation would advantage everyone, though she’s distrustful it will infer possible.

“It would take a lot of work to delineate a process to grasp that,” she says.

Still, she says a debate was “uplifting”.

“She committed to support good values and we wish globalisation does advantage everybody,” she says.

Similarly, Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat, who heads US law organisation Covington’s general practice, though formerly hold a series of comparison White House positions including US envoy to a European Union during a Clinton epoch says Mrs May’s tongue was “very positive”.

“The idea that a UK is not withdrawing from Europe was a really critical message, as was a joining to giveaway trade.

“We could do with some-more details, though a simple summary was really welcome,” he says as we travel with him to his subsequent meeting.

Finally, we occur opposite David Moran, a British envoy to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

“You won’t get most from me,” he chuckles.

But was it good, we ask? “Oh yes,” he nods.

The one metric that predicts that Democrats are many expected to skip Donald Trump’s inauguration

The safest Democratic congressional chair in a republic right now is Rep. José E. Serrano’s New York district in a South Bronx. In a past 10 elections, a “worst” opening by a Democrat has been winning this district with 66 percent of a vote.

Serrano’s district competence be the impassioned instance of a kinds of districts the 60-some House Democrats who are skipping Donald Trump’s inauguration represent. But it’s not an anomaly.

The Democrats who won’t be there Friday come from some of a many Democratic districts in a country. At slightest 15 lawmakers who represent of a 26 many Democratic districts in a country, as ranked by a Cook Partisan Voting Index (a magnitude of a district’s partisanship as compared to a nation), aren’t attending.

This is not a coincidence. These Democrats creation a ultimate narrow-minded matter aren’t expected to face many blowback from voters — they accost from some of a many narrow-minded districts in a country.

In many of these protected Democratic districts, electoral risk lurks not in a form of a Republican (Serrano’s GOP challenger got only 3.5 percent of a opinion in November) though a probability of a primary challenger from a left.

Skipping out on a coronation of one of a many argumentative presidents in complicated story is one approach to vigilance your progressive bona fides, pronounced Matt Green, a domestic scholarship highbrow during Catholic University.

“They competence be thinking,” Green said, “‘Do we wish to be challenged in a primary by someone who says: Your deputy went to Trump’s inauguration, even after he angry John Lewis’? Whether that’s satisfactory or unfair, that’s one conflict ad we don’t wish to have in 2018.”

Lawmakers have skipped inaugurations before, contend historians. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), whose preference to protest Trump’s coronation — along with Trump’s assertive Twitter response — inspired many other Democratic lawmakers to follow his lead, didn’t attend a 2001 coronation of President George W. Bush either.

But to have this many lawmakers skip an coronation — and to have them announce it as publicly as probable — is rarely unusual. And it’s not only a fact that they’re doing it — it’s a approach they’re doing it, too. To wit:

  • “I’m only not a large Trump fan,” Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) told Oregon Public Broadcasting. “He hasn’t valid himself to me during all yet, so we respectfully decrease to solidify my donkey out there in a cold for his sold ceremony.”
  • “When you’re removing adult in a core of a night and tweeting about ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Meryl Streep and you’re scornful a conduct of a CIA and people like John Lewis,” Rep. John Yarmuth (Ky.) told me, “you’re abating a office, you’re behaving like a child, and if you’re going to be boss of a United States, we have to contend a grace of that office.”

That’s one approach to fly your magnanimous flag.

Here’s another: At slightest one Democrat who has motionless to attend Trump’s coronation apparently felt a need to justify her preference with an ultimate-partisan explanation. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), who represents a protected Democratic district, pronounced in a matter Wednesday: “As a unapproachable Democrat, we wish President-elect Trump to see me front and core as he’s sworn in. we wish him to see accurately what his antithesis looks like. When he sees me, we wish him to see The Resistance.”

The lawmakers who are boycotting contend they don’t wish to normalize Trump’s behavior. Critics, of course, contend their deficiency could help normalize a destiny where inaugurated officials frequently skip one of a many visually mystic ceremonies for U.S. democracy.

“The large doubt now is,” Green said, “whether this becomes an expectancy going brazen that people of a conflicting celebration of a president-elect don’t go to a inauguration.”

It’s a satisfactory question. This isn’t a first presidential choosing where a member of a antithesis celebration has questioned a president’s legitimacy. We live in a universe where states are sketch congressional districts to be more — not reduction — partisan, that in spin forces lawmakers to pierce to a poles of their celebration to stay alive politically. It’s not too tough to suppose that skipping out on a new president’s coronation could turn a pen of your loyalty to your own party.

These lawmakers’ reelections aside, domestic scientists contend that would be one of a many durability impacts of Friday. “That’s just be one some-more step divided from togetherness and toward celebration polarization,” Green said. “[To] those of us who worry about this stuff, that’s disconcerting.”

French Left seeks claimant to take choosing tainted chalice

By Richard Balmforth

PARIS (Reuters) – France’s divided Left will this weekend slight a hunt for a claimant for presidential elections, yet opinion polls uncover whoever emerges hero will onslaught to conduct off chagrin in a spring.

Any Left claimant contingency understanding with a complicated bequest of President Francois Hollande, whose ratings plummeted with his disaster to spin a economy around. It appears a near-certainty that no Left deputy will get over a Apr 23 initial round.

The concentration of campaigning – not usually for a Socialists yet also a choosing front-runners – is expected to concentration on France’s assuage left, a immeasurable citizens travelling bureau and bureau workers, shopkeepers and Paris maestro elites.

Voters will make down a margin of 7 in a severe primary orderly by a statute Socialist infancy on Sunday. The personality and runner-up will go into a Jan. 29 runoff to confirm who will be a Left’s standard-bearer for a April-May presidential vote.

Conservative Francois Fillon and far-right personality Marine Le Pen, still seen as expected to accommodate in a knockout on May 7, both have an seductiveness in a primaries’ outcome.

But eccentric centrist Emmanuel Macron, a renouned 39-year-old ex-economy apportion who is sketch outrageous crowds with a module charity an choice to a classical Left-Right divide, is rising fast, polls show.

Macron has a lot during interest in who a Left chooses.

It will be harder for a ex-banker to corral a core opinion if Socialist ex-prime apportion Manuel Valls, who changed process neatly to a right underneath Hollande, wins a nomination.

Valls, 54, implemented Hollande’s pro-business policies and incurred a annoy of many in a Socialist celebration too for his reforms. He has polled distant aloft nationally than other severe candidates.

An peremptory interior apportion before Hollande named him primary minister, his interest to a neutral and core belligerent could be foe for Macron and harm a ex-banker’s prospects of removing to a May 7 knockout.

But Valls’ fervent office of pro-business policies underneath Hollande could harm his chances.

If a choice falls on a claimant serve to a left, such as Arnaud Montebourg or Benoit Hamon, this will assistance Macron.

Both men, who were thrown out of supervision for criticizing Hollande’s economics, have achieved good in televised debates.


The Socialists still route behind Fillon, Le Pen, Macron and Jean-Luc Melenchon, a maestro supporter of a “hard” left, for a presidential vote, according to a new opinion check published by Le Monde on Thursday.

The domestic atmosphere is thick with speak of probable alliances involving a Socialist claimant and Macron. He refused to take partial in a primary even yet he served in Hollande’s supervision until final year.

“If Manuel Valls wins, there will be perceptibly any illumination between him and Macron and that will give Melenchon larger domestic space,” Socialist celebration arch Jean-Christophe Cambadelis told Reuters.

“If it is Hamon or Montebourg, a disproportion with Melenchon will most disappear and that will give larger room for scheme to Emmanuel Macron,” he said.

(Additional stating by Ingrid Melander; modifying by Ralph Boulton)

Quake-triggered avalanche buries Italian hotel, rescuers fear ‘many dead’

Plaintive content messages were progressing sent to puncture numbers by those buried inside, according to ANSA. At slightest dual children were believed missing.

“Help, we’re failing of cold,” one integrate wrote rescuers.

But some rescuers described usually overpower Thursday as they began struggled to pierce a firmly packaged sleet — dirty with rocks and tree limbs — that lonesome half a four-star sauna and review and defeated walls.

Images from a stage showed hallways choked with snow, that also punched into a hotel run and buried high appearance roofs.

“We’re dropping a rescue units down by helicopter and they are starting to dig,” Luca Cari, orator for a inhabitant glow brigades, told Reuters news agency.

A glacial mist, that had staid over a area, solemnly began to lift.

“The obscurity is easing now,” pronounced Pierpaolo Petrucci, a deputy in a informal assembly. “And when a obscurity dissipates, a distortion appears.”

Civil insurance has pronounced adult to 30 people are missing. Two people were discovered outward a hotel and treated for hypothermia and evacuated by helicopter.

Among a survivors was 38-year-old Giampaolo Parete, who told rescuers he had left to his automobile when a avalanche hit. His mother and dual children were buried inside, ANSA reported.

“I saved myself given I’d left to collect something adult from a car,” pronounced Giampaolo Parete, whose mother and children were still in a hotel. “The avalanche came and we was buried by sleet though we managed to get out. The automobile was not buried, so we stayed there and waited for rescue operators.”

A grill owner, Quintino Marcella, told a channel Sky TG24 that he perceived a call from one of his chefs, who was visiting a hotel. The cook had escaped, though pronounced his mother and dual children were trapped inside.

“He calls me and says ‘Help me, an avalanche has strike and a hotel isn’t there anymore. It’s disappeared. It’s buried,” Marcella said, recounting a call.

“Help, help, help, help,” a cook cried to Marcella.

The mayor of a circuitously city of Farindola pronounced a fee could have been most worse if it had been a weekend and a hotel, that he called a “jewel of a region’s crown,” was packaged with visitors in a remote Gran Sasso towering range.

“Last Sunday a Hotel Rigopiano had 200 guests, staff enclosed — yesterday there were between 20 and 30 people, including some kids,” Ilario Lacchetta told La Stampa newspaper.

The earthquake-prone segment was strike by during slightest 3 tremors around 5.7 bulk on Wednesday, call a avalanche. There have also been complicated snowstorms via a area as well.

“Around here it does sleet a lot though not even a aged can remember such a thing. If we supplement a sirocco to a earthquake, we can know how it all became formidable — we face dual tragedies that could not have been foreseen,” combined Lacchetta.

Primo di Nicola, editor of a internal journal Il Centro, pronounced rescue teams were perplexing to get complicated apparatus to a hotel, though roads were blocked by sleet and defeated trees. He described some of a Abruzzo segment as “basically offline.”

“No water, no power, untouched roads,” he told The Washington Post.

Gian Gabriele Ori, a geological consultant during a Gabriele d’Annunzio University in Chieti, Italy, pronounced a alpine forests in a segment are routinely adequate to reason low sleet in place. But complicated layer and high winds in new days had expected combined a some-more inconstant sleet pack, he added.

“The trembler was a hint that set in motion” a avalanche, whose speed and force “toppled a timberland and afterwards [hit] a hotel with mortal power.”

Central Italy has been struck by several earthquakes given Aug when a ancestral centers of many towns were leveled, murdering 300. There were also estimable aftershocks in October.

Schemm reported from Addis Ababa, Ethi­o­pia, and Murphy from Washington.