The Latest: EU central says no one will commend Catalonia

BARCELONA, Spain — The Latest on a Spain-Catalonia domestic predicament (all times local):

4:35 a.m.

The European Parliament’s boss says no one will ever commend Catalonia as an eccentric country.

Antonio Tajani says Catalonia’s autonomy referendum was bootleg and state of law should be restored. He also spoke opposite EU mediation, observant a predicament is an inner Spanish issue.

Catalonia’s separatist personality on Saturday called on Catalans to peacefully conflict Spain’s takeover.


8:30 p.m.

The European Parliament’s boss says that Spain’s preference to call a new choosing in Catalonia after a region’s uneven stipulation of autonomy “was a right thing to do.”

Antonio Tajani spoke to reporters Saturday while withdrawal a Vatican after a forum on Europe’s future.

Tajani pronounced that Europe’s position is really clear: “No one will ever commend Catalonia as an eccentric country. The referendum was bootleg … The state of law should be restored.”

He pronounced that a choosing will concede Catalans to “decide what kind of supervision they wish to have. All should occur according to a Spanish Constitution.”

Tajani combined that Europe hopes that discourse can assistance solve a “difficult situation,” adding “this does not meant that European Union could mediate, given it is a Spanish inner issue.”


6:05 p.m.

About 150 people on motorbikes and in cars are holding a convene by Barcelona streets, fluttering Spanish and executive Catalan flags.

The demonstrators are honking horns to uncover their oneness with Spain’s inhabitant police, and antithesis to a stipulation of autonomy by Catalonia.

The motorized proof comes a day after Catalan lawmakers voted in preference of a stipulation of autonomy from Spain, and Spain’s inhabitant supervision imposed approach sequence in a region, dismissing a informal government. Opposition lawmakers who disagreed with secession walked out on a vote.

The demonstrators, loud yet peaceful, were streamer toward a port, where reinforcements of inhabitant military and Spain’s Guardia Civil have been staying given they were deployed in a area before a criminialized Oct. 1 referendum on independence.


2:45 p.m.

Catalonia’s separatist personality has called on Catalans to peacefully conflict Spain’s takeover, in a staged coming that seemed to communicate that he refuses to accept his firing, that was systematic by executive authorities.

Carles Puigdemont pronounced in a brief matter that seemed to be pre-recorded that “we will continue operative to build a giveaway country.” Spain’s La Sexta TV channel concurrently showed live footage of Puigdemont carrying lunch in a bar in executive Girona, his hometown, spasmodic interrupted by residents who asked him to poise for selfies.

Puigdemont’s coming on open informal TV3 broadcaster showed him vocalization from a lectern with a executive button of a Catalan informal government. Behind him there were a Catalan and European Union flags, yet not a one from Spain.

Spain took grave approach control of Catalonia on Saturday, dismissing a region’s daring separatist supervision a day after lawmakers upheld a stipulation of autonomy for a moneyed northeastern region.


2:25 p.m.

The Catalan separatist leader, Carles Puigdemont, has scheduled a televised addressed during 2.30 p.m. (1230GMT) in his initial open coming given a Spanish supervision dismissed him.

Spain took grave approach control of Catalonia on Saturday, banishment a region’s daring separatist supervision a day after lawmakers upheld a stipulation of autonomy for a moneyed northeastern region.

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But Puigdemont and other members of his Cabinet have not done transparent if they aim to conform a Spanish gauge or offer resistance.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has systematic a retraction of a Catalan informal council and called a new informal choosing for Dec. 21.


2:05 p.m.

Officials in Europe are vocalization out opposite Catalonia’s stipulation of independence.

European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker, vocalization from French Guyana, pronounced “there isn’t room in Europe for other fractures or other cracks. We’ve had adequate of those.”

Juncker pronounced a EU wants “to honour a Spanish inherent and authorised order. We are not in preference of vouchsafing Europe rise so that tomorrow we’d have 95 member states. Twenty-eight is adequate for now.”

Greece also voiced regard Saturday about Catalonia’s autonomy bid, observant it supports Spain’s territorial integrity.

Greek supervision orator Dimitris Tzanakopoulos says “we are quite endangered about a conditions in Spain and repeat that Europe can usually go brazen joined … uneven actions can't be accepted.”


1:45 p.m.

Catalonia’s informal military group has released a matter observant it is handling as normal even yet a arch has been dismissed by Madrid as Spain’s executive supervision tries to hindrance a region’s autonomy movement.

The informal military wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning that “protecting and guaranteeing a reserve of people is a priority. We continue operative normally.”

Catalan lawmakers announced autonomy on Friday. The pierce stirred a Spanish supervision to take approach control of a northeastern region’s affairs, sacking a informal separatist supervision and job for a new choosing in December.


1:15 p.m.

Opponents of autonomy for Catalonia are holding a convene in a Spanish collateral of Madrid. Thousands of people have incited out in a Plaza de Colon, many fluttering Spanish flags or wearing them around their shoulders.

The convene comes after one of a country’s many scattered days in decades.

On Friday, lawmakers in a northeastern segment of Catalonia upheld a stipulation of autonomy in a informal parliament. Shortly afterward, Spain’s Senate gave a executive supervision in Madrid a energy to take approach control of a segment and glow a separatist government.

Spain dismissed Catalonia’s informal leaders on Saturday morning.


8:05 a.m.

Spain has taken approach control of Catalonia and sacked a region’s daring separatist supervision by edition special measures overnight in an executive bulletin online.

The pierce early Saturday came after separatist Catalan lawmakers upheld a stipulation of autonomy on Friday.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who now replaces Catalan President Carles Puigdemont as a tip decision-maker in a northeastern region, has dissolved a informal council and called a new informal choosing on Dec. 21.

Puigdemont and a 12 members of a Catalan Cabinet will no longer be paid and could be charged with usurping others’ functions if they exclude to obey.

There was no evident response from a tip Catalan officials. Only a executive of a Catalan informal police, who was also fired, released a matter observant he would comply.

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CVS is plotting a $66 billion takeover — and it has a lot to do with fending off Amazon

CVS Health CEO
CVS Health President and
CEO Larry J. Merlo


  • CVS Health’s potential
     deal to
    buy Aetna has a lot to do with Amazon, and it
    illustrates usually how critical a hazard a tech hulk is to
    normal medical companies.
  • The pierce would give CVS control over some-more of the
    sequence between a drugmaker and a patient, presumably bolstering
  • But it stays to be seen if a understanding like this can
    strengthen medical companies from being “Amazon’d.”


Amazon’s scandalous for stepping into new businesses and crushing
a foe with low price, quick delivery, and a massive
network of constant shoppers. When Amazon
bought a grocer Whole Foods
, shares of other supermarket
bondage plunged, out of fear they’d be Amazon’d. 

Now, a e-commerce hulk has a eye on a pharmacy business,
and one of a biggest drug retailers — CVS Health — is
perplexing to stay one step ahead. 

CVS, that has some-more than 9,700 stores nationwide, is reportedly
in talks to buy health insurer Aetna in a $60 billion
and understanding that would emanate a new form of company that
includes a health insurer, a sell pharmacy, and a association that
negotiates remedy drug prices with drugmakers.
That CVS had offered to buy Aetna was reported by
The Wall Street Journal, that also reported
on Thursday
, that a understanding has a lot to do with

It’s no coincidence. Speculation that Amazon competence be
removing into a pharmacy business has been prevalent for months —
and it came to a head, coincidentally, on Thursday when

Louis Post-Dispatch
 reported that Amazon has been
authorized for indiscriminate pharmacy licenses for during slightest 12

There are dual ways in that a tie-up with an insurer like Aetna —
that covers
46.7 million Americans
  — could assistance strengthen CVS
from this. 

  • It would give CVS control over some-more of a sequence between a
    drugmaker and a patient, presumably bolstering increase by letting
    it keep some-more of a cut of any sale.
  • Directing Aetna clients into CVS pharmacies for their
    medicines would keep a feet trade entrance into a retail
    locations, and let it keep offered high-margin groceries to those

Fending off Amazon

Should Aetna combine with CVS, it would move a largest pharmacy,
one of a largest pharmacy advantages managers, and a third
largest insurer all underneath one roof. Each one of those pieces is
partial of a difficult routine of profitable for prescriptions

Essentially, CVS would possess each step of a routine with the
difference of drug
wholesalers, which are in
assign of shipping drugs
 to pharmacies and
hospitals, and a curative companies that indeed make
a drugs. That would keep many of a income changing hands
within a same company.

Here’s a draft explaining how a drug travels from pharmaceutical
manufacturer to a patient, and who takes a cut in a process.
It’s a difficult web of payments and rebates, though the
simplified outcome of a understanding that puts pharmacy, insurer, and PBM
in one association is that a total business walks divided with more
of a drug’s sale cost in a end.

With a Aetna deal, CVS would control all that happens
once a wholesaler has handed off a drug.

Who pays for your remedy pharmaSkye Gould/Business Insider

Already, CVS and Aetna are heavily related in a pharmacy
area. In 2010, Aetna entered
into a 12-year agreement with CVS Caremark
, CVS’s PBM arm to
conduct a remedy drug spending.

PBMs and insurers also have a lot of energy over what prescription
drugs get paid after a alloy prescribes them. For example, it
can select to usually cover a general form of a remedy or a
reduce cost aspirant — and those decisions positively impact the

CVS wouldn’t be alone in determining both a insurer and PBM
partial of profitable for prescriptions. UnitedHealthcare,
for example, owns a PBM OptumRx, while Anthem, which owns
a accumulation of Blue Cross Blue Shield health word firms, will
be rising a possess PBM 
called IngenioRx.

But CVS would be singular in owning 3 tools of the

Foot traffic

While many of what we know about Amazon’s intensity seductiveness in
removing into a pharmacy business is
, it’s transparent that if patients could get their
drugs shipped directly from Amazon, that could harm the
sell pharmacy business. 

Robert Handfield, a highbrow of supply-chain government at
North Carolina State University, told Business Insider that one
area where this understanding would assistance CVS out is by directing Aetna
members to CVS’s pharmacy locations. The tangible volume of money
prescriptions move into pharmacies isn’t all that much,
Handfield said, it’s what else we buy while you’re during the
pharmacy — snacks, drinks, beauty products, etc. — that makes
pharmacies a sepulchral business.

Say that prescription apportionment went online, it would be
many harder for sell pharmacies to contest with convenience
stores, grocery stores and anyone else selling candy bars
and deodorant. But contend you’re an Aetna member, a elite way
to get your remedy competence be by going to a CVS pharmacy,
bringing feet trade that competence not come

It stays to be seen either Amazon does get into a pharmacy
business, and if it does, if this kind of understanding has what it takes
to make medical companies Amazon-proof. 

Apple fires iPhone X operative after daughter’s hands-on video goes viral

Apple has reportedly discharged an operative after his daughter’s iPhone X hands-on video went viral on YouTube. Brooke Amelia Peterson published a vlog progressing this week, that enclosed a outing to a Apple campus to revisit her father and see an unreleased iPhone X. Peterson’s video was fast picked adult by sites like 9to5Mac, and it widespread even serve on YouTube.

Peterson now claims her father has been discharged as a outcome of her video. In a weeping video, Peterson explains her father disregarded an Apple association order by permitting her to film a unreleased handset during Apple’s campus. Apple reportedly requested that Peterson mislay a video, though it was clearly too late as a calm widespread serve and further.

The video itself might have seemed like an trusting hands-on, though it did embody footage of an iPhone X with special employee-only QR codes. A records app was also shown on a iPhone X in a video, that seemed to embody codenames of unreleased Apple products. Filming on Apple’s campus is particularly prohibited, so filming an unreleased iPhone X is a clear order violation.

We’ve seen identical dismissals in a past. A Microsoft worker was discharged after his son posted pictures of a Xbox 360 before a release. The Apple operative in doubt had worked during a association for around 4 years, building a iPhone RF and wireless circuit design. The Verge reached out to Apple to endorse a dismissal, though a association has not nonetheless responded to a ask for comment.

CNN authorised analyst: Charges filed in Mueller examine means it will final ‘well into 2018′

CNN comparison authorised researcher Jeffrey Toobin pronounced Friday that news of a initial charges reportedly being filed in special warn Robert Mueller’s review into Russian choosing division means a examine will final “well into 2018.”

“If anybody thinks a Mueller review is going to be jacket adult in a subsequent integrate of months, this preference currently flattering most guarantees a Mueller bureau will be adult and using good into 2018,” Toobin pronounced on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”



In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pronounced a White House believes Mueller’s examine is “getting closer to conclusion.”

“I have not oral with anybody during a Department of Justice on that front, though we consider that we are saying that it is removing closer to conclusion,” Sanders told Bill Hemmer.

Reports said Friday night that a sovereign grand jury has authorized a initial charges in Mueller’s probe.

CNN reported that a charges are hermetic underneath a sovereign judge’s order, with sources revelation a network that those charged could be taken into control as shortly as Monday.

Toobin called a news “a vital landmark in a march of this investigation” and pronounced a indictments will expected be directed during garnering team-work in a probe.

“In white-collar investigations, customarily a initial indictments are opposite people that we wish will beg guilty and concur opposite others,” Toobin said. “You don’t accuse a large fish first, we accuse smaller fish in hopes of removing a large fish.”

Mueller’s review is also looking into purported collusion between President Trump’s debate and a Kremlin.

When asked Thursday if Trump still has certainty in Mueller, Sanders replied that Trump “has certainty that they are going to tighten this adult soon.”

“Every day we find out some-more and some-more sum about because a boss has been right all along and because a Democrats have been wrong all along and we consider that any day we’re removing closer and closer to shutting a loop on this on a front,” Sanders said.

Mueller was allocated by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in May to manage a review into Russia’s division in a 2016 election.

Spain Dismisses Catalonia Government After Region Declares Independence

As of Friday night it was misleading either separatist leaders — who hours progressing exulted during a liberty stipulation — would resist. The mood in a city of Barcelona was a brew of heated fun and resigned trepidation.

“We trust it is obligatory to listen to Catalan citizens, to all of them, so that they can confirm their destiny and nobody can act outward a law on their behalf,” Mr. Rajoy said.

The stairs announced by Mr. Rajoy meant Spain will take approach control over one of a country’s unconstrained regions for a initial time given Spain embraced democracy underneath a 1978 Constitution.

At a finish of what he called “a unhappy day” for Spaniards, Mr. Rajoy positive them that he had a means to finish a secessionist hazard that, he said, was formed on “lies, frauds and impositions.”


Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain spoke after a Senate voted on Friday to extend him powers to take approach executive control over a Catalan region.

Juanjo Martin/European Pressphoto Agency

He private a Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, and his cabinet, as good a executive ubiquitous of a unconstrained military force. He also systematic Catalonia’s deputy offices abroad to close.

In grouping a Catalan Parliament to dissolve, Mr. Rajoy pronounced new informal elections would be hold Dec. 21.

Pending a elections and arrangement of a new informal government, Mr. Rajoy said, Catalonia’s administration would be run from Madrid.


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Fueled by a graphic denunciation and enlightenment as good as mercantile grievances, aspirations for a detached state have percolated for generations in Catalonia before hot over this month.

The events on Friday, entrance in a pell-mell issue of an Oct. 1 independence referendum in Catalonia, were greeted variously with anger, regard and exhilaration on both sides, with a awaiting of even some-more flighty confrontations in days forward as a Spanish supervision moves to put a stairs in place.

Spain’s profession ubiquitous might now find to catch Catalan leaders on drift of rebellion.

Such moves were expected to spin a boisterous separatist travel celebrations that greeted a liberty stipulation on Friday into mass protests, with one Catalan labor kinship already pursuit on workers to theatre a ubiquitous strike on Monday.

During a discuss in a informal council that preceded their opinion for independence, Catalan lawmakers traded accusations and in spin described a arise as “historic” and “happy,” or else “tragic” and a defilement of Spain’s Constitution — maybe a usually thing on that both sides agreed.

Within an hour, a Spanish Senate in Madrid voted 214 to 47 to plead Article 155 of Spain’s Constitution, extenuation Mr. Rajoy unusual powers to seize approach executive control over a segment and mislay secessionist politicians, including Mr. Puigdemont, a Catalan leader.

In a discuss on Friday before a vote, Mr. Rajoy had pronounced he had “no alternative” since Mr. Puigdemont and his separatist supervision had followed an bootleg and uneven trail that was “contrary to a normal function in any authorized nation like ours.”


Separatist lawmakers in a Catalan Parliament applauded after a fortitude passed. Those opposite to liberty walked out in criticism before a vote.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Undeterred by Mr. Rajoys threat, and after a sour debate, separatists in a Catalan Parliament upheld a fortitude to emanate “a Catalan commonwealth as an eccentric state.”

Most of a opponents to liberty walked out of a cover in criticism before a vote, that a remaining lawmakers hold around tip ballot, wakeful that dogmatic liberty from Spain could risk arrest.


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The final total was 70 in favor, 10 against, and dual vacant votes.

Since a referendum , Mr. Puigdemont had been squeezed in a tightening vise of his possess creation, and seemed during times to protest his possess declarations as he squirmed for a approach out.

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Mr. Puigdemont, a former tiny city mayor, was trapped between a final from Catalan hard-liners to announce liberty on one side, and, on a other side, a stiffening response from a Rajoy supervision dynamic to safety a nation’s Constitution and territorial integrity.

Despite pleas for mediation, he and his region’s liberty bid were shunned and condemned, not usually by Madrid though also by European Union officials heedful of enlivening likewise disposed secessionist movements around a Continent.

European leaders done transparent on Friday that they would not be noticing Catalan liberty and would support Mr. Rajoy, as personality of one of a bloc’s many critical member states. Donald Tusk, a boss of a European Council, wrote in a Twitter post that “nothing changes” and “Spain stays a usually interlocutor.”

Searching for a compromise, Mr. Puigdemont came tighten on Thursday to pursuit early informal elections in hopes of forestalling a extreme measures authorized by a Spanish Senate on Friday and preserving Catalonia’s autonomy.

But Madrid would offer no pledge that it would not clamp down on a region, Mr. Puigdemont said, as he immediately faced a rebel in his possess ranks from secessionist hard-liners who called him a traitor.

After hours of loath on Thursday, he relented and threw a preference on liberty to Catalan lawmakers, who took a fatal thrust on Friday.

Addressing a Catalan Parliament in Spanish, Carlos Carrizosa, a lawmaker from Ciudadanos, a celebration that opposes secession, told Mr. Puigdemont and separatist lawmakers that, distant from formulating a new Catalan republic, “you will go down in story for carrying fractured Catalonia and for falling a institutions of Catalonia.”

In front of a assembly, he tore detached a duplicate of a liberty resolution. “Your pursuit is not to guarantee impracticable dreams though to urge a daily lives of people,” he said.


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Before a liberty vote, Marta Rovira, a separatist lawmaker, told a public that “today we start on a new path” to build “a improved country.” She added, “We are formulating a nation giveaway of repression.”

Catalan lawmakers who voted for liberty could face charge for sedition, or even rebellion.

Marta Ribas, a Catalan lawmaker, pronounced that Madrid’s use of Article 155 was unjustified, though also argued that “it’s a mistake to respond to one vast act with another vast act.”

She added, “A stipulation of liberty won’t strengthen us from a 155, utterly a contrary.”

In a streets outward a Catalan Parliament in Barcelona, not distant from a boisterous pro-independence rally, a few Catalans sensitively voiced identical frustrations.

The Oct. 1 referendum did not give a Catalan supervision a legitimacy to opinion to secede, pronounced Federico Escolar, 53, a cafeteria owner.

“Most of a people who would have voted no did not participate,” Mr. Escolar said, while smoking a cigarette outward his cafe. “It was not a correct referendum. It was illegal.”

Walking into a circuitously transport station, Cristina Juana, a 38-year-old amicable worker, agreed.

“Neither Puigdemont nor a Catalan supervision knows accurately what a Catalan people’s opinion is,” Ms. Juana said.

Before a Catalan Parliament’s opinion for liberty on Friday, vast crowds had collected outward in expectation of what they hoped would be a ancestral day for Catalonia.

Many were draped in flags as they watched a parliamentary discuss on dual vast screens, entertaining during speeches by pro-independence lawmakers and hissing those of their opponents. When record strike a lull, a crowds cycled by a array of pro-independence chants.

“Spanish occupiers!” was one, a anxiety to a inhabitant military officers who attempted to stop a Oct. 1 referendum by force. “Leave Catalonia!”

David Meseguer contributed reporting.

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Hearing Amazon’s Footsteps, a Health Care Industry Shudders

An Amazon spokeswoman, Lori Torgerson, refused to criticism on “rumors or speculation” about Amazon entering a pharmacy business, yet she common a matter that suggested other motivations for a paperwork. “Wholesale licenses are compulsory for Amazon Business to sell professional-use usually medical inclination in certain states,” she said.

There is small doubt, though, that Amazon is meddlesome in during slightest some aspects of a pharmacy business. Brittain Ladd, a supply sequence consultant who worked during Amazon until progressing this year on groceries and other initiatives, pronounced he participated in discussions about how Amazon could enter a category, including by acquisitions.

“The pharmacy business was always a subject of seductiveness when we was with Amazon, and there was a frank enterprise on a partial of Amazon to emanate a improved patron knowledge opposite pharmacy and health caring as a whole,” he said.

While Mr. Ladd pronounced he isn’t arcane to a company’s stream strategy, he believes existent pharmacy companies are right to be worried. “My recommendation is that executives during curative companies should vanquish all assumptions when it comes to Amazon and their ability to enter, innovate and reimagine a pharmacy business and health care,” he said.

If Amazon decides to enter a market, it could take a accumulation of avenues, analysts said.

The easiest approach in would be to set adult a mail-order pharmacy that focused on price-sensitive business though health word or who have high-deductible skeleton that need them to compensate for some drug costs upfront. To do this, Amazon would need sell pharmacy licenses in each state — a hurdle, certainly, yet not an indomitable one, a analysts said.

Amazon Is Trying to Do (and Sell) Everything

The company’s $13.4 billion understanding for Whole Foods is a latest vigilance of Amazon’s ambitions to have a reason on scarcely each facet a lives — like a mechanism servers that energy a favorite websites and a food we eat.

“They can during slightest drop their toe in a H2O with a cash-pay customers, and learn a business,” pronounced Ana Gupte, an researcher for Leerink Partners.

She pronounced cash-paying business comment for 5 percent to 10 percent of a $560 billion medication drug business.


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The thought could infer appealing to business who already go to Amazon for a far-reaching operation of offered items, from boots to wiring to diapers. Retailers like Target and Walmart have combined pharmacies to pierce in additional business for a identical reason. Amazon’s new merger of Whole Foods could also yield a earthy plcae for pharmacies.

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“A vast partial of a infrastructure is already there,” pronounced David Maris, an researcher for Wells Fargo.

In a call with analysts this week, Timothy C. Wentworth, a arch executive of a pharmacy-benefit manager Express Scripts, indicated a eagerness to work with Amazon to strech these cash-paying customers. “We positively see that as something where if they wanted to pierce into a space, we could be a really healthy collaborator,” he said.

If Amazon wanted to go bigger, Ms. Gupte and others said, it could sell to insured business and even offer as a pharmacy-benefit manager, overseeing drug coverage for people on interest of insurers and vast employers.

This would be distant some-more complex. It would expected need Amazon to possibly acquire a pharmacy-benefit manager or enter into a partnership with an existent one. Expanding a pharmacy business though a assist of a vital pharmacy-benefit manager would be tough, since a advantage managers offer as gatekeepers to insured patients, determining that pharmacies they can and can't use. The advantage managers also work their possess mail-order pharmacies, that competence make them reduction peaceful to accommodate Amazon.

Some pronounced they design that if Amazon chooses to enter a health caring business, it would do so in a large way. The association could try to yield extensive services to patients, doctors and others, distant over offered drugs.

Nadina J. Rosier, a health and organisation advantages pharmacy use personality during Willis Towers Watson, pronounced other areas a association could try embody charity practical alloy consults, or regulating a Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled intelligent device, for health caring applications.

No matter a short-term stairs Amazon is taking, Ms. Rosier said, her investigate has demonstrated that it is “clearly looking to change how health caring is delivered in some way.”

But while Amazon has a lane record for upending vital industries, from books to groceries, she pronounced health caring is difficult and there would be heated vigour to get it right. “It is only a supportive topic,” she said. “We don’t have as most inspection of how most we paid for your jeans, or your shoes.”

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Preordering is broken, and here’s how to repair a system

If you’re not happy with how a iPhone X preorder launch went, you’re not alone. Twitter, Reddit and other amicable media forums were full of complaints from a impulse Apple’s preorders non-stop (or, for some people, unsuccessful to open) on Oct. 27.

Websites and apps stalled, crashed or hung; selling carts mysteriously reset themselves; partner handshakes with carriers and financing companies failed. And that’s on tip of a whole iPhone-buying easterly seashore of a US removing adult during 3 a.m. to quarrel a online hordes. (West coasters had it easier, they usually had to wait adult until midnight.)

None of this should be startling to anyone who has attempted to sequence a prohibited product with singular supply, from past iPhones to a Nintendo Switch and NES/SNES Classic to a Oculus Rift. There’s an proclamation of a preorder date, everybody rushes a same website or websites during a same impulse and in a finish it’s a overkill of web traffic, rather than a singular supply of whatever you’re buying, that unequivocally causes a many headaches.

Best practices, misfortune results

For example, we followed a suggested best practices for perplexing to sequence an iPhone X soon during 3 a.m. ET on Oct. 27, by going to a Apple Store app on my stream phone. Once there, adding an iPhone X to a selling transport was a easy part. Attempting to endorse my sum with my phone conduit caused timeouts and errors, and once I’d lucked my approach by that, Apple’s financial partner for a Apple Upgrade remuneration devise couldn’t routine my order. It eventually sent me a follow-up email seeking me to start my sequence again from scratch.

Going directly to my conduit was small improved — before even logging in, there was a 15-minute countdown timer queue, and new phones kept display adult and declining from my tentative orders list. we finished a dusk with one iPhone X order, though this morning woke adult to 3 — dual of a ones that dead in-progress have now reappeared, and even 40 mins on a phone with my conduit couldn’t solve that ones were genuine and that were phantoms.

The problem is not (entirely) a purportedly singular stock. It’s a overloading of websites and online tools, with everybody flooding in during a same second. You’re stranded in a trade jam, and it’s pristine fitness either all a checking of boxes and intracompany communications compulsory to simply squeeze a new phone will work when we need them to. The usually china backing is that, during slightest as distant as we can tell, no one’s invented an iPhone-ordering sniper-bot yet, like a ones that disease eBay auctions and Ticketmaster sales.

There’s got to be a improved way, right?

I consider there is, and it’s simple, scarcely frustration-free and — if finished right — wouldn’t assistance or harm your chances of scoring whatever prohibited new tool is in brief supply. It would only make a routine most reduction painful. Here’s my medium offer (no, not that kind of medium proposal): Let’s reinstate a first-come/first-serve insane lurch with a time-based lottery system. (No, not that kind of lottery.)

The remarkable start of preorders for a hard-to-get tool becomes a set preorder window common by all. Now there’s no reason for everybody to rush a website or app during a same time, that fundamentally crashes it or causes slowdowns or errors. Just record in anytime over a march of 24 hours, 72 hours, a full week, whatever a agreed-upon tenure is.

For something like an iPhone, we do a same things — insert it to your phone use and number, collect a remuneration plan, get preapproved if indispensable and other options — though given there isn’t an overkill of point traffic, your sequence information is most some-more expected to be scrupulously stored and not mislaid to a handshake blunder or website crash.


Or we could only line adult here…

Sarah Tew/CNET

Once a preorder window closes, a seller (Apple, Nintendo, Amazon, whatever…) relates a pointless series generator to a applications and assigns inventory, or a best boat dates, to a initial X names drawn from a practical hat. Sure, swindling forms might insist a pointless lottery complement is fraudulent opposite them, though certainly even they’d determine a stream complement is only as untrustworthy.

You’re during slightest as expected to get as good mark on a preorder list this approach as we would from resubmitting a same sequence each time a website crashes during 3 a.m., or from examination a standing circle spin for 10 mins perplexing to bond a handshake between Apple and your phone carrier.

Sure, there’d be a healthy bent to rush a gates on this preorder system, too, though if we wait until a subsequent morning, or afternoon, you’d still get a same shot as everybody less, only with a lot reduction frustration.

Is this a ideal system? Probably not. But it certain beats what we’ve got going on now. Got a improved idea? Let me hear it in a comments section. 

iPhone X: Absolutely all we need to know

Apple says iPhone X direct is ‘off a charts’

US Economy Grew during 3% Rate in 3rd Quarter, Despite Storms

At a same time, with a diseased dollar creation American products some-more rival abroad, general trade contributed definitely to outlay for a third entertain in a row. Imports decreased.

Hurricanes can interrupt an economy in apparent ways — ruining homes, incapacitating infrastructure, and negligence a upsurge of products opposite a country. The Houston civil area is a country’s fifth largest, accounting for 3 percent of inhabitant mercantile output, and a serious flooding brought on by Hurricane Harvey had an immediate impact on employment. The country’s economy shed 33,000 jobs in September, a initial monthly dump in 7 years.

But after a disastrous startle dissipates, a liberation from impassioned continue events can assistance a economy by formulating new reasons for consumer spending, that represents roughly 70 percent of inhabitant output. After a repairs is done, people contingency mostly reconstruct their homes or reinstate their cars, an outcome that began to uncover adult in a final entertain and will many expected continue by a finish of a year.

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“If we don’t go out to eat during a hurricane, maybe we bought plywood for your house,” pronounced Robert Dye, arch economist during Comerica Bank. “If we have a word and support, that tends to be a impulse to a economy.”

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, for example, left 600,000 to one million vehicles wanting replacement, according to Cox Automotive, and Americans rushed to dealerships to replenish what they had lost. Car sales peaked in September, reaching their top turn given 2005.

This is a government’s initial guess of mercantile outlay for a quarter, and a figure will be revised twice. It can be tough to accurately magnitude a full outcome of a healthy disaster immediately after it occurs, and so these numbers might pitch adult or down when a dialect revisits a period.

The American economy had been behaving extremely improved this year than in 2016, when it grew during a crude 1.5 percent. President Trump zeroed in on mercantile enlargement during his debate and in office, earnest to strech heights that eluded his predecessor.

“On a yearly basis, as we know, a final administration, during an eight-year period, never strike 3 percent,” Mr. Trump pronounced during a speech in Missouri in August. Touting a clever entertain in a spring, when enlargement strike 3.1 percent, Mr. Trump suggested that “we’re unequivocally on a way” to nutritious that speed year-round.

Chasing Growth

The United States has been a gait setter among grown economies, though Europe is no longer a laggard.

Annual rate of change in G.D.P.









European Union








By The New York Times | Source: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

But economists pronounced a good news didn’t have most to do with new domestic changes. Things have been looking up, economically, for most of a world, that is enjoying a singular impulse of widespread expansion. The International Monetary Fund upgraded a foresee for a gait of universe enlargement twice this year.


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“This is function globally — there isn’t a singular vital economy that is in recession,” pronounced Mr. Zandi, a Moody’s economist. “This was an mercantile sight that left a hire a year or dual ago. Regardless of who was president, we would have seen this.”

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You can get your iPhone X on launch day if you’re peaceful to compensate a price

Apple kicked off iPhone X preorders on Friday around a world, and a handset sold out within minutes. Ship times slipped to 1-2 weeks in reduction than 5 mins after preorders went live in a US, and fast forsaken to 2-3 weeks in general markets. Delivery estimates continued to worsen, descending to 4-5 weeks and afterwards 5-6 weeks. That’s bad news for many iPhone fans, who won’t be means to get a handset subsequent Friday. Some competence not even get it in time for Christmas.

On a other hand, if income is no object, afterwards we can squeeze an iPhone X right now from sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Some iPhone X buyers are removing a handset only so they can resell it, and they’ll assign we adult to 100% reward on a handset. Prices competence go even aloft on auction sites like eBay interjection to a behest systems.

The 64GB iPhone X sells for $999, and a 256GB choice costs $1,149 if we sequence from Apple and carriers — these prices do not embody taxes.

eBay prices, meanwhile, will not be anywhere tighten to that. The tip rate for a 256GB iPhone X right now is during $6,000, and that’s for a phone that competence boat on Nov 10th during best. One user is offered a 256GB ATT iPhone X for $5,000 and will boat it worldwide.

Image Source: eBay

With roughly 3,000 formula for iPhone X on eBay right now, chances are you’ll find yourself an excusable deal. Again, don’t design to compensate sell prices, though we can during slightest wish not to speed to compensate too most on tip of a unchanging cost.

You can design a same thing from Craigslist when it comes to pricing. The disproportion is that we won’t have to rivet in behest wars with other buyers. Here are a few examples for a New York area:

Image Source: Craigslist

Trump’s hesitancy about North Korea might cost him allies in Asia Pacific

shinzo abe
Nishimura/Getty Images

  • Rising tragedy in Asia is a reason Trump will travel
    to 5 Asian countries — Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam,
    and a Philippines — in early November.
  • Trump’s visits to Japan, South Korea, and the
    Philippines are to denote that a US is still committed
    to Asia, and not usually since of North Korea. But photo
    ops won’t be adequate to infer this commitment.
  • Japan and South Korea will wish to know what a US
    skeleton to do about Pyongyang.
  • Meanwhile, a Philippines wants to know either it can
    still count on a US to strengthen a interests — or either it
    should cut a understanding with China now while it has all the


China’s 19th National Congress of a Communist Party is getting
a lot of courtesy right now. In a opening
ceremony, President Xi Jinping heralded the
commencement of a new epoch in
Surprisingly, he was also very
honest about a dearth of his initial term.

Although a association will continue into this week, many of the
vital events have already taken place.

Much of Asia had been in a holding settlement in a lead-up to the
congress. But now that holding settlement is over, we can demeanour ahead
to some pivotal events in a segment that will have a tellurian impact.

Japan in a Tough Spot

In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s bloc decisively won
another tenure in elections over a weekend. It is a remarkable
domestic quip for Abe.

He has overcome some of a scandals dogging his regime and won
another mandate, permitting him to continue his mercantile reforms
and take a argumentative step in revisiting a pacifist
constitution. (I wrote about Japan’s geopolitical realities and
a plan in my disdainful ebook, The
World Explained in Maps
, that you
can download

Abe can appreciate North Korea in partial for his domestic resurgence.

North Korea’s missiles over Japan and a inability to halt
Pyongyang’s chief module have given Abe new life. But the
critical emanate here is not so many Abe as it is a potential
change in Japan’s altogether posture.

China certified some of a weaknesses during a National
Congress. In annoy of that, Japan can't gamble that China will
sojourn weak, no matter how formidable China’s problems are.

Further, a inability of a US to control a conditions in
North Korea raises tough questions for Japan. A republic shielded
by a US confidence pledge can means to be a peacemaker nation.
But a republic rarely contingent on tender element imports and
threatened by an counter that might shortly turn a chief power

Add to this a fact that Japan cowed many of a Asian coast
in a early 20th century and treated its
colonial subjects as inferiors. This leaves Japan in a tough

Japan has no necessity of enemies, and it can’t count on a US to
forestall North Korea from appropriation a chief weapon. Japan will
have to deflect for itself. Meanwhile, North Korea stays as
rival as ever.

In a past week, Pyongyang has threatened approaching chief war
opposite a United States and vowed to “mercilessly pound a war
frenzy of a US and South Korean puppet warmongers” in response
to US-South Korean naval drills.

This tongue is standard for a North Koreans. But there are
some statements associated to a North Korean predicament that shouldn’t
be dismissed.

The CIA executive recently pronounced that North Korea was on a verge
of possessing chief weapons able of distinguished a US—and that
President Donald Trump would not concede that to happen.

US Commitment to Asia

Rising tragedy in Asia is a reason Trump will transport to five
Asian countries—Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the
Philippines—in early November. It’s a wise outing for the
one-year anniversary of Trump’s election.

Trump’s visits to Japan, South Korea, and a Philippines are to
denote that a US is still committed to Asia, and not only
since of North Korea. But print ops won’t be adequate to prove
this commitment.

Japan and South Korea will wish to know what a US skeleton to do
about Pyongyang. Meanwhile, a Philippines wants to know whether
it can still count on a US to strengthen a interests—or whether
it should cut a understanding with China now while it has all the

Trump’s outing to Vietnam is explanation of a elemental grounds in
geopolitics: Individual leaders don’t matter scarcely as many as
many people consider they do. A country’s unfamiliar process will change
really small when a new boss takes office.

President Barack Obama carried an arms embargo opposite Vietnam
during a revisit to Hanoi. Now, President Trump is set to take his
possess outing to a comrade country. The dual nations might have an
worry toward any other since of a Vietnam War, though they
share an seductiveness in containing China. And this is some-more important
than beliefs and their chronological animosity.

Trump won’t eat noodles with Anthony Bourdain on a streets of
Hanoi, as his prototype did. But like Obama, he will demeanour to
strengthen a shared attribute to besiege China in the
segment as many as possible.

This leads us, of course, to China.

It stays misleading what Trump skeleton to do when he meets the
Chinese boss on his home turf. When they final met in April,
Xi concluded to assistance a US enclose North Korea in lapse for the
Trump administration’s subsidy off on a China trade policies.

Six months later, there has been no discernible swell on North
Korea. More hawkish, anti-China voices in Trump’s ear have been
sidelined. And now, according to Politico, the
White House is reportedly conducting a comprehensive, bottom-up
examination of a China policy.

Rumors are swirling over what could outcome from Trump’s outing to
China. But a usually things that are certain are that a US is
not removing what it wants out of China, and China can't give the
US what it wants.

Trump’s assembly with Xi won’t solve these issues. Until a US
decides what it will do about North Korea, a process in Asia
will sojourn warrant to a regime in Pyongyang.

This plays into China’s hands and leaves other US partners
looking for alternatives.


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