Samsung acknowledges Galaxy Note 8 battery problems, says really few phones are affected

A few days ago, we listened that several Galaxy Note 8 users are experiencing an astonishing battery issue. Some handset owners detected that their inclination won’t spin on after a battery had been totally depleted. Since then, Samsung has concurred a issue, observant that usually a singular series of units were affected. And that’s substantially true.

Reports of a emanate initial flush in late December, though a phone had already been accessible in stores for roughly a full entertain during that point. In other words, deliberation that Samsung contingency have sole millions of units in a 3 months heading to Christmas, we’d have listened about this most shortly if it was a poignant battery problem. And that goes double for a Galaxy Note 8, given a Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

“Samsung is holding all reports of this kind seriously, we usually perceived a unequivocally tiny series of patron inquiries that could be related to assign management, and unfortunately we can usually criticism on a matter further,” Samsung said, according to a news by German-language site PCWelt.

It’s misleading what’s causing this bizarre battery issue, and how it can be prevented. At slightest a phone doesn’t locate on fire, not that we should be disturbed about such accidents. Samsung valid that it unequivocally schooled from a past mistakes when it comes to bad battery pattern and peculiarity assurance. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, are a covenant to that. Not to discuss all a other bill Android phones that Samsung has expelled given a Note 7 issues, including a cheaper Note 7 FE.

It’s expected that Samsung will repair a issues down a road. But if you’re a Galaxy Note 8 user, we should make certain your information is corroborated adult regularly. There’s no approach of meaningful either your phone suffers from a same condition unless we totally empty a battery. So your best choice is to always recharge your phone before it’s totally drained, during slightest until Samsung provides some-more answers about a matter.

Kim Jong Un highlights his ‘nuclear button,’ offers Olympic talks

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean personality Kim Jong Un used his New Year’s Day residence to advise a U.S. not to exam him while distinguished a softer tinge with South Korea, including a probability of promulgation a commission to subsequent month’s Winter Olympics.

“The whole United States is within operation of a arch weapons, a arch symbol is always on my desk. This is reality, not a threat,” Kim pronounced in a annual address. “This year, we should concentration on mass-producing arch warheads and ballistic missiles for operational deployment. These weapons will be used usually if a multitude is threatened.”

In September, North Korea conducted a sixth and many absolute arch test. Pyongyang also tested 18 missiles final year, including the Nov launch of that seemed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM. It flew over than any of Kim’s prior tests.

Analysts contend that formed on a stream justification it’s tough to infer or debunk North Korea’s explain that it can now strike lost American targets such as New York or Washington, D.C.

Kim’s regime has nonetheless to infer publicly that it’s means to put a tiny adequate warhead on a barb that wouldn’t block a flight. It’s also misleading either North Korea has grown a car means of safeguarding a warhead from heated feverishness on reentering a atmosphere.

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However, experts contend North Korea’s capabilities shouldn’t be discounted.

“Even yet a ICBM record might be rather incomplete, Kim is reporting that since he has a arch deterrent, a U.S. should not make troops threats though rivet with North Korea towards pacific co-existence,” pronounced Dr. Koh Yu Whan, a highbrow of North Korea studies during Dongguk University in Seoul.

In Kim’s residence Monday, overtures for settlement were not directed during a U.S., though South Korea.

After a year in that President Donald Trump and Kim frequently traded jabs — mostly around Twitter on Trump’s finish — a immature North Korean personality didn’t discuss a U.S. commander in arch by name in his speech.

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But in a pierce that could palliate tensions on a Korean Peninsula, Kim due evident talks with Seoul over North Korea holding partial in a Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

“North Korea’s appearance in a Winter Games will be a good event to uncover togetherness of a people, and we wish a games will be a success,” Kim said.

Seoul responded tenderly and welcomed a awaiting of talks. A orator for South Korea’s presidential bureau pronounced it has been open to a thought as prolonged as talks are associated to improving inter-Korean ties and building peace.

A pair of North Korean figure skaters have competent for a Games that start on Feb. 9, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in has done it transparent he wants North Korea competing in PyeongChang. Last month, he told NBC News he hopes a 2018 Olympics “will be means to foster a assent between a North and South Korea and turn an Olympics for peace.”

Moon is also anticipating Washington’s team-work to assistance safeguard a pacific Games though stop from North Korea. The boss pronounced he suggested to Washington delaying annual corner troops drills until after a Olympics and Paralympics finish in March. According to Moon, a U.S. is reviewing his suggestion.

John Delury, an associate highbrow of East Asian studies during Yonsei University’s Graduate School of International Studies, pronounced loitering a drills should be a “no-brainer.”

“The one petrify proposition [in Kim’s speech] is about a Olympics. And it’s a certain one. And we know it’s really critical for Seoul,” Delury added.

Pyongyang frequently denounces vast troops drills involving a U.S. and South Korea as a operation for war.

In sell for not only a delay, though a full hindrance of a drills, North Korea has offering to solidify a arch and barb programs.

North Korea has pronounced in open statements that it wants an central finish to a Korean War. The dispute was halted by a 1953 truce though no assent covenant has been signed. It also wants zero brief of full normalization of family with a U.S. and to be treated with honour and as an equal in a tellurian arena.

Washington has also been a pushing force behind larger general sanctions opposite North Korea, including worse mercantile measures authorized by a U.N. Security Council on Dec. 22 that aim oil imports.

New epoch to open in California with initial sales of recreational marijuana

  • Chelsi Lee cleans a shelf during SPARC in Sebastopol as preparations are done for Mondays kickoff of recreational cannabis sales in California. Photo: Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle



In this Dec. 26, 2017, photo, Old Kai Distribution cofounders Matthew Mandelker, right, and Lucas Seymour, who are protected cannabis distributors, poise for a print beside a smoothness outpost installed with product during their room nearby Ukiah, Calif. Workers for a association were transporting a pot from a cultivator when they were pulled over Friday by a California Highway Patrol officer, according to Joe Rogoway, an profession for a company. The workers showed a officer a company�s cannabis permit and a perceptible for a marijuana, though a officer insisted it was illegal, called for backup and arrested a men. (Alvin Jornada/The Press Democrat around AP) less

Photo: Alvin Jornada, Associated Press

Before morning on New Year’s Day, cashiers were set to ring adult a initial authorised sales of recreational pot in California, rising a new attention approaching to move in billions of dollars while usurpation new regulations and taxes.

The day has been prolonged approaching by cannabis advocates who pushed for electorate to pass Proposition 64 in Nov 2016, mostly decriminalizing pot and permitting — starting Monday — for a blurb sale of products to adults 21 or older.

The handful of shops set to make recreational sales on Monday acquired both internal and state licenses. They enclosed Harborside, Purple Heart and Blum in Oakland; Berkeley Patients Group and Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley; 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center in Richmond; Mercy Wellness in Cotati; and SPARC and Solful in Sebastopol.

VIA GREEN STATE: Your California cannabis legalization launch guide

Additional locations are approaching to offer recreational pot in entrance days and weeks, including outlets in San Francisco. But many cities are approaching to bar a sales altogether.

At some shops, a coming-out celebration was approaching to underline live music, coffee and donuts, prizes for those initial in line and speeches from understanding internal politicians — a distant cry from a days when a cannabis trade operated in a shadows.

Marijuana stays bootleg by sovereign standards. But several states, including Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, and now California, have ratified both medicinal and recreational use.

CHRONICLE VIDEO: Where is recreational pot accessible in California?

The sale of recreational pot is authorised in California starting Jan. 1, 2018, though it might be a while before we see it being sole in your city. Why isn’t it accessible everywhere? San Francisco Chronicle cannabis editor David Downs explains.

Media: Alix Martichoux / SFGATE

As of Nov 2016, California law allows adults 21 or comparison to possess and ride adult to one unit of cannabis flower as good as adult to 8 grams of remove or infused foods. Smoking in open is still prohibited.

Medical pot will continue to be accessible by existent dispensaries to those with a current I.D. and a doctor’s recommendation.

But as of Monday morning, all business shopping cannabis products will compensate a 15 percent state dig tax, that is approaching to eventually move in $1 billion or some-more a year for pot research, obsession impediment and increased law enforcement, among other things.

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Check out these selected photos of Bay Area pot busts

Recreational business contingency compensate sales taxation as well, distinct those with a state-authorized medical marker card. In addition, cities can select to levy internal cannabis taxes.

In Oakland, taxes for many business will boost from 14.25 percent to 34.25 percent, according to Harborside officials.

Bulk buys are not allowed, with state law tying daily purchases to one unit of cannabis flower, 8 grams of strong cannabis, and 6 juvenile plants per customer.

Jill Tucker is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @JillTucker

Minimum Wage Raises Coming To 18 States On New Year’s Day

Just this year, Republicans in Missouri upheld a preemption law to retroactively kill a smallest salary travel enacted by city leaders in St. Louis. Under a new law, no locality could have a salary building aloft than a one mandated by a state. As HuffPost reported in July, a new law had a outcome of reversing St. Louis’ smallest wage, holding it from $10 to a stream state turn of $7.70.

WhatsApp users are experiencing New Year’s Eve outages

On New Year’s Eve, WhatsApp quickly gifted service outages in Europe, Asia, and South America, VentureBeat reports. Down Detector showed that a infancy of use problems are strong in England, a Netherlands, and other tools of executive Europe. The app’s use problems initial started display adult on Down Detector during about 9 a.m. PT. However, a WhatsApp orator sensitive VentureBeat that a troubles began during around 10:30 a.m. PT.

“WhatsApp users around a universe gifted a brief outage currently that has now been resolved. We apologize for a inconvenience,” a orator stated.

However, Down Detector still shows that several areas are carrying use problems and new comments on a site prove that some users are still carrying issues. Earlier on Sunday, a London-based WhatsApp user pronounced that a use had been down given 6 p.m GMT and was still not resolved.

Beyond a service issues, several commenters mentioned that they were carrying difficulty receiving corroboration codes, even yet WhatsApp was once again operational in their region. It stays to be seen either these problems are removed incidents or partial of a wider trend. WhatsApp pronounced that a use issues were resolved, yet it is probable that a messaging use might have missed something.

This is frequency a initial time that WhatsApp has experienced such problems. In May of this year, users on a East Coast of a United States reported that they were unable to use a app, yet it was not a concept problem. WhatsApp reportedly resolved a emanate within a few hours.

While sincerely renouned in a U.S., WhatsApp is quite renouned in other tools of a universe and has warranted a repute for peculiarity and reliability. That creates today’s news particularly bad for a company, given it is expected that many people were relying on a app to devise News Years celebrations and coordinate with friends.

Service issues aside, 2017 has been a flattering good year for WhatsApp. The messenger service has seen a growth in a user base, as good as a phenomenon of several new facilities and services. One quite neat underline is a ability to take behind neglected messages.