Air Spray Makeup

Top 7 Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation Options

Air Spray Ltd. was founded in 1967, and began its aerial wildfire suppression operation with one 1945 Douglas B-26 Invader converted to an air tanker. Air Spray’s first contract was with the Province of Alberta. Next the company put out fires for the Yukon government with two more B-26s. In 1973 Air Spray’s maintenance facilities were relocated from Edmonton, Alberta to the Red Deer Regional Airport at Springbrook, Alberta due to the availability of an aircraft hangar and to allow space for expansion. During the next few years, the company expanded, carrying out several seasonal contracts with various provincial governments. The fleet grew an average of one tanker per year, eventually including 22 B-26 air tankers (now retired) and 8 Cessna 310 bird dog aircraft operating under contract.