Double Face Makeup


During the later part of director Riccardo Freda’s career, the director began attempting commercially viable genres. Freda met with Italian producer Oreste Coltellacci who set up a deal with the German company Rialto who created several work in the German subgenre called the krimi. The krimis were inspired by the works of Edgar Wallace and had been popular since Harald Reinl’s film Der Frosch mit der Maske (1959) In Germany, the film was promoted as being based on Das Gesicht im Dunkeln by Edgar Wallace. This was done for commercial reasons as the script had nothing to do with the book. The original story for the film was developed by Lucio Fulci, Romano Migliorini and Giambattista Mussetto. The films screenplay is credited to Freda and Austrian-born Paul Hengge. According to Giusti, Fulci wrote the first treatment. Fulci would claim in an interview in 1994 that he wrote the film for Freda. He disliked the film, stating that Freda had “completely crushed it down to a pulp; at that time, he just didn’t care anymore. ”